Dicutech crypto infrastructure

We are your go-to partner!
High-volume transaction processing.
For Financial Institutions, Merchants, Wallet Providers, PSPs and Brokers.

We are 20 team players from 7 nationalities and are excited about the opportunities of cryptocurrency to create better services and a better world.

Our seasoned management team has a passion for bringing new technologies to market and is accredited by the Dutch Central Bank to manage financial institutions.

We are experienced in working with large corporations and delivering mission-critical infrastructure but also successfully working with small and disruptive startups.

Whatever your situation, we can create the solution you are looking for, so you can focus on what you do best.

Key People

Board of Directors

Nick Haasnoot
Chair of the board


Gaston Hendriks


Henri de Jong
Board member


Job openings

Impact, freedom and fun. That’s what characterizes working at Dicutech!

Based in Utrecht’s centrally located start-up hub, our international team builds cloud services that help businesses benefit from the disruptive blockchain technology.

Join the Dicutech team and move your career forward!

We are always looking for fresh minds. Check out our job openings. You could also send us an open application. There are always opportunities to match your ambitions with the opportunities that we know of in the industry.

Jobs at Dicutech - team

Diversity at Dicutech

Dicutech believes in diversity. At Dicutech, people from several different nationalities and very different backgrounds work together. We stand for diversity and tolerance. We disapprove of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, religion or race.

For us, it is important what you do because what you do is a reflection of who you are.