Crypto PSP: Integrate cryptocurrency as a new payment method

Crypto payments are becoming more widely accepted by retailers, individuals, and businesses. With our NEXUS crypto infrastructure platform, payment service providers (PSP) can add crypto as a new payment method that offers merchants a user-friendly way to accept crypto payments.

Crypto for payment service providers

We enable PSPs to create a Merchant Service Provider (MSP) platform that makes it easy for retailers and companies to accept cryptocurrency as an (online) payment method. Customers send crypto and merchants receive the payout in fiat.

Advantages of accepting cryptocurrencies

  • Low fees; save up to 80% on transaction fees
  • Global payments
  • Global payouts
  • Instant settlement; all transactions are on-chain settled instantly
  • No chargebacks
  • No rolling reserves
  • No  remittance fees 

The benefits of using the NEXUS platform

High-volume transaction processing for Financial Institutions, Merchants, Wallet Providers, PSPs and Brokers.

A comprehensive set of APIs

NEXUS enables PSPs to directly start integrating cryptocurrencies into the payment gateway while maintaining focus on providing a simple payment experience. Our platform comes with a comprehensive set of APIs for integration with backend systems, web pages, and apps.

International security standards

Dicutech is an ISO/IEC 27001 and ISAE 3402 Type 1 certified fintech blockchain company that complies with the highest international security standards.

No chargebacks

All cryptocurrency transactions are on-chain and irreversible and can only be refunded by the receiving merchant. This will prevent any risk on charge-backs and make it suitable for any merchant including high-risk payments.

Compliant Customer Management

NEXUS includes tools for customer management (AML, KYC, fraud prevention). For instance, it generates compliance reports accepted by an AA- (Fitch rating) bank. All fiat- and token transactions and operations are fully traceable and auditable.

Frequently asked questions

Is the NEXUS crypto payment gateway PCI DSS compliant?

PCI DSS is a security standard to protect customer data and is supported by major credit card companies. PCI DSS does not apply to transactions that do not use credit or debit cards.

That said, one of our core value propositions consists in making sure that our infrastructure responds to the highest levels of security, confidentiality, and availability. This is why we are very proud that we are ISAE 3402 Type 1 certified. ISAE 3402 is one of the most important international standards for companies in the financial sector. More information.

Does my company need a license?

There’s a good chance you’ll have to register your company to acquire a business license and other necessary operational permits. Your business location and industry will determine which licenses and permits you need.

Is it possible to integrate crypto payments into an existing web page or app?

Yes, it is possible to integrate crypto payments into an existing website or app. Contact us for the API documentation.

What cryptocurrences are supported?

NEXUS supports payment with Bitcoin, Tether, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Algo and Lumen.

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