Dicutech and Connected Chains sign agreement to bring digital currency solutions into Gulf Region

Dictech, a Dutch technology company focused on robust, secure and user friendly tokenization and digital currency solutions has signed an exclusive agency agreement for the Gulf region with Connected Chains, an engineering company focused on lean process management within digital transformations to improve and simplify digital services.

Utrecht (NL) – “With this agreement, Dictech and Connected Chains are able to significantly improve and simplify business processes utilizing our expertise and Dictech’ blockchain solutions in the Region. Furthermore, businesses in the Gulf now have the opportunity to focus their efforts on new business models, while outsourcing any digitization process optimizations and technical complexities to us”, said Nabil Al Siyabi, Connected Chains CEO.

The blockchain solutions of Dictech that will be brought into the Gulf region include QUASAR for IoT payments solutions and NEXUS for stablecoin and cryptocurrency services.

“We have successfully worked with the leadership team at Connected Chains on several previous projects”, said Nick Haasnoot, CEO of Dictech. “Over the last years our organization has grown and we are now able to also support customers outside of Europe. Our organization and products have matured and we are currently working towards the ISO 27001 information security standard. We expect to attain this in the beginning of 2021 and believe that this will improve our ability to serve new customers and regions.”

“Our collaboration with Dicutech was a logical step”, said Dr. Khalid M.W. Tahhan, Connected Chains Managing Partner. “Dicutech has started building blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions in 2015 and has shown itself to be a reliable party with proven technology. With their NEXUS and QUASAR systems having processed millions of transactions securely and safely, we are excited to bring those technologies to the Gulf Region.”

In this collaboration, Dicutech and Connected Chains have already signed the first contract to support a client through the use of Dicutech’ NEXUS technology, with the project aimed to go live in Q4 this year. Due to the fast-developing ICT-sector and the positive attitude towards blockchain technology in the Gulf Region, the two companies expect a fruitful continuation of their collaboration.

For further information, please reach out to:
Nabil Al Siyabi from Connected Chains LLC at nabil@connectedchains.com
Mark from Dicutech at mark@dicutech.com

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