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For Financial Institutions, Merchants, Wallet Providers, PSPs and Brokers.

Cryptocurrency Infrastructure Platform

NEXUS SAAS platform for crypto and fiat transaction processing

NEXUS, our platform for automated crypto and fiat transaction processing, enables you to start offering a variety of cryptocurrency services, such as brokerage, merchant or custodian services.


The NEXUS platform features a fully automated gateway that enables low-cost, instant, and irreversible transmission of digital assets to a counterparty while providing tools to manage accounts, wallets, trading and volatility risks, and compliance.
Intuitive user interface

No technical skills are needed to operate the system. The platform includes a 24/7 health status dashboard with comprehensive overviews of system status, including servers, API calls, transactions, wallets and connections to exchanges.


NEXUS leverages proven, reliable and scalable crypto infrastructure technology as a service, deployed in the cloud with enterprise grade providers Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. The NEXUS Platform has been in production since 2015.

Wallet and Blockchain Database Management

NEXUS is built on robust technology. The platform provides a competitive cost efficient infrastructure for wallet and blockchain database management.

Comprehensive set of APIs

For customized implementations, a comprehensive set of API’s enables clients to integrate NEXUS functionality into their backend systems, web-pages and apps.

KYC and onboarding

Integrate your own KYC and onboarding solution or partner with our easy to integrate third party solution for a robust and customer friendly onboarding.

AML and fraud prevention

NEXUS comes with extensive tools for customer compliance and risk management. We enable Anti-Money Laundering requirements through our platform.

Trust levels

NEXUS also provides an additional compliance security measure, called Trust levels. These allow to limit the amounts that a customer can buy or sell per day, month and/or year. This allows for specific constraints for each trust level.


NEXUS generates compliance reports to meet requirements of regulatory frameworks.

Transaction monitoring

All fiat- and crypto transactions and operations are fully traceable and auditable. All of the on-chain transactions are logged into NEXUS for further analysis.

Risk management

By addressing risks such as financial crime, malicious activity and fraud, NEXUS helps remove key barriers in the adoption of next generation financial technology.

Crypto Exchanges

NEXUS integrates with Multiple Crypto Exchanges. Connect with multiple exchanges to get the best prices, low spreads, commission fees and increase liquidity.

Payment Methods

NEXUS works with multiple instant payment methods, bank transfers and credit cards to enable integration with existing banking systems. Easily integrate your own payment gateway provider with our API endpoints.


The platform offers native wallet infrastructure for the major cryptocurrencies. Blockchains supported by the NEXUS platform include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Algorand and Ripple.

Risk Management

NEXUS comes with advanced trading algorithms and bots that minimize volatility & counterparty risks through automated crypto position balancing.


NEXUS leverages proven, reliable and scalable crypto infrastructure technology as a service, deployed in the cloud with enterprise grade providers Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. The NEXUS Platform has been in production since 2015.

ISAE 3402 Type 1 certified

The most important international standard for companies in the financial sector is ISAE 3402. In today’s global economy, customers need to know that any service provider they work with has sufficient controls and safeguards in place.

Nexus User management

NEXUS leverages different user levels for extra security. The administrator is the highest level of authority. An operator has one of the lowest access rights. He is responsible for managing your day-to-day transactions, payments, report generation, see totals etc.

ISO 27001 certified

Information security has always been a top priority for Dicutech. Now Dicutech is certified, customers and other stakeholders can continue to be assured that all necessary steps are taken to keep their data safe, secure and available.

Easy integration via API

Setup your own cryptocurrency back-end and and focus on the development of your business application.

Well documented API, creating a smooth and enjoyable experience integrating our NEXUS infrastructure to your website or app.

Sample App and website

In order to help you get started efficiently, we have prepared a sample application that you can use to speed up your development. The sample app includes a simplified model of the features that are usually offered by a broker platform, such as the creation of customers, account and buy/sell operations.

Crypto custodian app example
Frequently asked questions

You can get started as quickly as a week. Our turnkey crypto infrastructure solution is easy to integrate and expand on. If you need additional development our dedicated onboarding team will plan a design session with you to estimate the time that is needed for development.

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Depending on the business type, your location and the regulation in the country that you are located you might need a license to trade in cryptocurrency. contact us for more information.

Yes, it is possible to integrate Nexus in your existing website or app. We have well documented API and sample code to get you started quickly.

Our API documentation and sample app are free to use. You can work with your own development agency, or we can bring you in contact with one of our partners.

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