Crypto ⇄ Fiat User Stories

Turnkey, easy to integrate
We provide a turnkey crypto SAAS solution so you can focus on your business. Hassle-free integration thanks to our dedicated onboarding team, sample apps, and well-documented APIs.

Crypto brokerage platform

We support companies in launching their own cryptocurrency brokerage business. Our solution supports ‘buy only’ or buy and sell transactions and enables both internal and external pricing.

Cryptocurrency Custodian

Create your own custodial crypto wallet solution that is fully compliant and auditable with the regulators in the country that you operate. We are the only crypto company that is ISAE 3402 Type 2 certification qualified, which is the most important international standard for companies in the financial sector. With our SAAS crypto infrastructure, API integration and sample apps your development time and cost are significantly reduced.


Allow your customer to buy crypto with fiat currency like the Euro, Swiss Franc, Canadian dollar or any other currency. Friction free on-ramp services for Centralized Exchanges, Decentralized Exchanges, wallet providers, swap services and NFT Platforms.

Crypto on-ramping services
Bitcoin accepted

High-risk Crypto Payment Processing

If a business is considered high risk, it can be difficult to locate a reputable, secure high-risk payment provider. Traditional Payment Providers charge high rates and demand that you have large sums of money locked in rolling reserves for potential chargebacks. With our platform, you can accept cryptocurrency against low fees without the risk of chargebacks.

Automatic Crypto Trading API

Create your own unique trading algorithms and connect via API to our award winning crypto platform. Connect to multiple exchanges and price tools for automatic trading and monitoring. Our platform has a proven track record, is secure and is scalable.

crypto automatic trading bot
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to integrate NEXUS in your existing website or app. We have a well documented API and example code to get you started quickly.

Yes, Our Nexus infrastructure platform is very flexible and scalable. The use cases are examples of industries that use our cryptocurrency infrastructure solution. You can develop and extend on top of our platform, implementing your own solution.

Book a personal demo where we can show you the possibilities and discuss your specific business needs.

Depending on the business type, your location and the regulation in the country that you are located you might need a license to trade in cryptocurrency. Contact us for more information.

Our API documentation and sample app are free to use. You can work with your own development agency, or we can bring you in contact with one of our partners.

Book a personal demo

Check out our solutions and how we can help you to build a future-proof cryptocurrency platform.

    Even with a strong understanding of how cryptocurrency and blockchain work, implementing these technologies can be daunting.
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